Waakye and Pain

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Kraa!! The violence erupted all around him. Kwadwo let out a groan. “Why did he go to Fatima’s place today of all days?”, he asked himself. Kwadwo knew why his legs carried him there. He liked to watch the sway of her hips and the way her buttocks performed a dance of their own when she walked. She was daintily built; high forehead, slender neck and breasts that swelled from her bosom. Her ebony hued skin was always well oiled and her hair was usually hidden under a scarf. He had once asked her about that because he wanted to get her a present. She replied that she liked her hair covered.

Today, she wore a navy midi dress that did little to hide her voluptuous figure. Her feet were adorned with black ahenema slippers and her hair was wrapped with a pink scarf. She smiled at him when he approached her kiosk. Her gap toothed smile excited him. She laughed when he greeted her with one of his cheesy lines. He told her he wanted his usual with plenty shito. He paid and thanked her and walked back home with a bounce in his step.

His favourite vendor was Fatima. He looked forward to the day he’d make her his. Oh, how he longed to have her writhe in his lap while he kneaded her soft buttocks with his hands. He imagined her moaning in pleasure, digging her nails into his back as she shuddered violently in climax. He’d empty his seed all into her and hope they’d have a mini him soon. But for now, Kwadwo would buy her waakye thrice a week and endure the regular, painful visits to the latrine because of her spicy shito. His stomach never agreed with pepper but his lust would always guide his feet to Fatima’s kiosk. 

Two weeks later…

Kwadwo did a jig and whistled merrily as he sauntered to Fatima’s kiosk. He clutched a black polythene bag tightly in his right hand. Inside the bag was a gift for his precious Fatima. “Today was the day,” he thought to himself. Fatima would hear his declaration of love today. He imagined her beaming at him as he proposed. He had picked this time specifically. He knew this was when Fatima’s clients were few so he could have a long conversation with her. He skipped over a gutter and said a silent prayer that she’d give him a chance to woo her. His heart skipped several beats as he drew nearer. He was looking his best today; swapping his greasy work overalls for his church clothes. He wore a white linen shirt, khaki trousers and a pair of Oxford shoes a distant cousin bought for him years ago. He made sure he took a generous splash of his perfume. Today was a special day indeed. He had been peppering  her with cheesy lines for 3 months now. She was always playing coy; smiling and calling him customer every time he toasted her. He really hoped this would go well. The signs were encouraging.

He got to her kiosk just as the last of the lunch crowd was leaving. He sighed in relief. Fatima looked beautiful as always. She wore a maroon dress and a grey silk headscarf with black sandals today. “That’s different,” thought Kwadwo, “she’s never changed her footwear.”. 

Her face lit up with a broad smile when she saw Kwadwo. “Customer!” She waved cheerily at him.This was one of his favourite things about Fatima; she made him feel special. All the money in the world couldn’t buy him this feeling. He picked up the pace, whistling jauntily. Kwadwo rarely shouted; he preferred to be quiet. He bought his usual- waakye Gh¢2, one egg, macaroni and gari with plenty shito. After she served him, he mentioned that he wanted to talk to her at the back of the kiosk. Fatima obliged him and he moved to the back. She looked up at him expectedly when he got there. “I have something for you.” He told her while handing over the black polythene bag. He watched with pleasure as her beautiful face lit up with joy. “Thank you” she gushed. She pulled out a green scarf embroidered with yellow flowers. A wide grin spread across Kwadwo’s face at her enthusiasm.

“Ahem, Fatima,” Kwadwo began nervously, “You know, I’ve been buying your waakye almost every day. In fact, when I think of your waakye I can see you inside. That is why I’ve been coming every day. Can I be your close friend? I want to take you out on Sunday.”

Fatima let out a long sigh. She was no longer smiling. “Kwadwo, I’m married.” 

Those words knocked the wind out of Kwadwo. He didn’t understand, she had never mentioned a husband. “How? When, Fatima?” He sputtered.

“Two weeks ago. I have not met him yet, my family arranged it.” 

Kwadwo was knocked into silence. There was nothing he could say.

“Sorry, Kwadwo, I cannot accept this gift either.” She turned and walked away, leaving his gift on the bench beside him.

Kwadwo left the kiosk in a daze. He had not heard her last words. He barely noticed the taxi driver who honked angrily at him as he crossed the road. He felt as though his heart had been shattered and stomped upon. This was more painful than when his upset stomach sent him to the latrine. He was in a state of confusion. Why did he not tell her he was interested sooner? She wouldn’t be married then. It dawned on him then she said she had not met her husband. “If she hasn’t met her husband then she hasn’t consummated the marriage,” he said aloud to himself. He would convince her to break it off. He thought hopefully. “But, what if she refused?” He mused. “Then he would have tried,” he answered himself. Kwadwo didn’t notice when he got home. He was heartbroken and hoped his pleas and reasoning would convince Fatima. He really wanted to be one with her. The last woman he was with left him in the middle of the night. He mistakenly called her Fatima in the middle of making love. He vowed then to have no one but Fatima.

He couldn’t believe she was married. Such rotten luck! But he wasn’t going to give up. He would go talk to her again, maybe she would annul the marriage. Then, she would be all his. How ecstatic that would be! He thought to himself as he laid on the bed and waited for sleep to come. He had no appetite for food that night, he had a plan and he hoped it would bear fruit. 

One month later…

Kwadwo’s face rarely held a smile these days. He had not yet got over the shock.

Fatima had blatantly refused to defy her family. In fact, she threatened to have him arrested and called him mad along with other expletives. He no longer ate waakye. Indeed, he hardly ate at all.

His work gear looked like they belonged to another. He had no desire to engage with others. He spent his days working and exhausted himself so that he fell asleep as soon as his frail body hit the hay. Weekends were the toughest; he usually walked around aimlessly on the nearby beach or sat on a bench under the trees and gazed at nothing.

It was one of such days when he heard a singsong voice say hello. He had begrudgingly looked up only to see the prettiest eyes he had ever seen looking back at him. She wanted directions to the yellow house. She had thanked him with her dimpled smile and walked in the direction he had gestured.

This encounter reminded him of his misfortune but it also gave him hope.

Kwadwo leaned back on the bench with a smile. Perhaps, pain wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

The end.


1. Waakye is a popular local dish in Ghana made with beans, rice and sorghum leaves.

2. Ahenema refers to traditional slippers usually worn by royals from the Akan, Ga and Ewe ethnic groups in Ghana. It’s common to see anyone wearing these in Southern Ghana nowadays.

© Takyiwa, 2021.


Day 366

So, I planned to put this up on Friday but stuff happened, sigh. This is dedicated to you Aku, enjoy your day 366!

I’m turning 25 in some hours, yay! In reflecting on the past year, here are some lessons/things I’d like to share with you.

Enjoy the season you’re in.

I was so eager to be turning 25 this year that I nearly missed out on the fun of being 24. Everything I did was geared at turning 25, it was as if I was already 25 except that the year didn’t agree with me! It was after a while that it dawned on me that I was missing out on the privilege and blessing of being a 24 year old that I slowed down. Please don’t be like me; enjoy and embrace the season you’re in! It’s a privilege that’s deprived many.

Learn to love yourself

Until this year, I had a lot of self-esteem issues- I still do but I’ve seen an improvement over this year. I had to learn this past year to accept me for me and work on my confidence and other aspects of me I did not like. I really embraced the idea that if you don’t like something about yourself, change it! It’s been a wonderful journey and I’ve learnt to love myself; my voice, figure, personality, etc. I’ve also learnt to accept when I need to improve or stop something that I’m doing that’s not helping anyone; I am still learning.  All I can say is this: take time to discover yourself, invest in yourself and love and embrace who you are and your uniqueness. I promise that you won’t regret it.

Have fun!

Seriously, have fun! Make new hobbies, new friends, go on adventures, whatever you do enjoy the time you’ve on this earth.

Time management

I’ve had so much time on my hands this past year. Honestly, I don’t think I took enough advantage of the time I had. I spent way too much time on social media and in bed. Boy, do I love to lie in bed all day! However, I’ve learnt and realised over the past few months that I won’t always have the time I’ve now so I should make the most out of it. My advice is take classes for stuff you’re interested in,  get some rest from this fast paced world we live in and make hay while the sun shines because you wouldn’t always have the time you’ve. You wouldn’t want to think on your deathbed that there was so much more you could have done in your lifetime.

Lastly, Faith

I’ve learnt a lot about what it means to have God direct your paths. Truly, I’m still learning and discovering new things about Him. I keep craving for a deeper walk with Him. I see why Christianity confuses a lot of people in the world today, it’s a personal walk with God and at the same time, it involves having fellowship with other believers and being a witness to unbelievers. It isn’t an easy walk but I’ve learnt and I’m learning to depend on God and ask for His help. You should too!

So, those are a few things I would like to share with you on this day, day 366 as I prepare to embark on the journey of being a 25 year old. I hope you learnt something or was reminded of something as you read this post!


The desire for you versus the pain from you conflicting in my mind, heart and soul.
When would love come my way?
Love that I truly desire?
One that wouldn’t hurt so,
Filled with passion and respect, oh,
How I long to belong;
to be someone else’s
Someone’s diamond
And not a pebble that’s
Irritating your toes
Funny isn’t it? This
Thing called love.
How do we even know if
It’s true?
If it’s not a mere shadow
of a falsehood. Our
desire for it numbs our senses that we do
not recognise spades
for what they are.
So stuck on our impression
That we admit whatever comes our way,
Allowing it to destroy our path
and leave us wilted

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Dreamy Eyes

Hi there, this is a story that was inspired by a friend during one of those long hot days; thanks Caramel :).
Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as I much as I did writing it! I will put up the rest of the story next week.
Don’t forget to comment and feel free to give me ideas as to how to end it, thanks and bye for now.

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He had dreamy eyes and a disarming smile and the kind of body that made you wonder if you had met a god.
She had noticed him the first day of her internship.
Later, he came over to say hi, ‘to welcome her into the gang’ as he put it. So when he asked her if he could use her pc as a hot spot that hot mundane day, she hadn’t stopped to ask why. Those damn dreamy eyes got her saying yes before her brain thought why? She was so elated that she didn’t ask what for? For how many times would she get that charming smile and those dreamy eyes directed at her?
The gifts started coming not too long after; casual gifts, expensive gifts, thoughtful gifts-her friends envied her. He casually mentioned he liked her one day. Before she knew it they were an item. The office gossip couldn’t get enough of them.
She still remembered the shock she had when the BNI came by the office last Monday. They had traced a suspected fraudster’s IP address to her office computer. She had been brought in for questioning.
‘Ms. Ofori,’ queried the detective, ‘I would like to ask you some questions’. She was still in shock, she had nodded so he had proceeded. ‘What was the last website you accessed on your computer?’ ‘Facebook’ ‘Final answer?’ ‘Yes’ ‘What’s your username?’ ‘Marilyn idon’tcarewhatyouthinkofme Ofori’ ‘Really?’he had chuckled.
He went on and on, asking several questions; personal questions, general questions.
She was released after four hours of questioning. She went straight home; she was so tired.
She had no idea what they wanted from her-she was innocent.
Two days later, she was picked up again, this time for only an hour, they wanted to know who her accomplice was. She was lost. They gave a description of someone like dreamy eyes; sorry, Kweku. She didn’t believe he was a fraudster but that would explain the gifts, his mysterious “business” and maybe, just maybe why he hadn’t kissed her yet. She lied to everyone that he had but he really hadn’t. But no!, her darling Kweku couldn’t be a fraudster, she refused to believe it. Damn it! She needed a lawyer, she needed to get out of this mess.
Her phone beeped, it was Kweku, he wanted to know if she was okay. Such a perfect gentleman! ‘I’m fine,’ she replied. Her phone beeped again, another text message from Kweku. ‘What did they want this time? Thought they believed you were innocent?’
‘I thought so too but they said I’ve an accomplice and he looks like you. Funny, right?’ She typed and hit send.

To be continued

(C) Takyiwa 2016

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Christmas come early

Jojo and I were playing in the living room when we heard the sound of heavy footsteps nearing the front gate that led to our porch. “Papa!” Jojo shouted. We quickly cleared up the living room as the sound of his shoes hitting the concrete got closer. We scurried to our study area, pretending to be seriously studying for fear of lashes from Papa that hot evening.
The hinges of the front door squeaked as Papa opened it and bellowed, “Where are my two favourite children in the entire world?” Jojo looked at me saying, “Baawa, Papa is in a good mood.” I motioned him to be silent and went to peep at the doorway to see if this was indeed Papa, for Papa never came home in a good mood especially not in the middle of the month! I saw Papa walking towards our study area and quickly rushed back to my seat while prompting Jojo to sit up straight, for Papa hated slouched backs.
“Children?! Have you not heard your father’s home?” demanded Papa as he stood in my just neglected spot. “Come to your father!” Jojo and I reluctantly raised our heads to look at Papa and quickly looked away after doing so. “Baawa and Jojo, I said come!” came Papa’s deep roaring voice. Jojo and I knew this was probably the last warning before all hell broke loose.
We begrudgingly obeyed. Papa beamed when we got to his side. “How are you, children?” he asked. “We are fine thank you Papa and you?” we chorused. “I’m happy to see my children!”Papa yelled. “Come children; follow me to the living room.” “But Papa…”I protested. “Baawa, come!”beckoned father.
I pondered over all the things Jojo and I could have neglected in the living area as we rushed to the study area upon hearing the clipperty-clap of Papa’s shoes. I nudged Jojo, “if Papa canes us today I will beat you” I threatened. When we got to the centre of the living room, Papa asked us to stop and wait. He leaned behind the sofa and picked something up. After hiding it behind him, Papa moved in our direction. I could see Jojo’s frightened body shake as Papa drew close. I was scared too but as the older sibling, I knew I had to put up a bold front.
To our surprise, Papa, when he got to us, pulled out gifts wrapped in shiny paper and said, “Surprise!” Jojo and I moved back and looked at each other searching for a sign to indicate if this was reality. I pinched myself to make sure I had heard Papa laugh when he said, “what are you waiting for? They are for you!” We rushed and grabbed our presents with shouts of glee and quickly sat on the floor to unwrap our presents. We shouted, “Thank you! Papa, thank you!” when we saw what he had brought us.  Jojo had a red sports toy car and a black leather belt with a silver hook and I had a beautiful pink wristwatch and a red floral dress.
When Mama got home from the market that night, she didn’t cook because Papa had brought home food from the classy restaurant next to his office.
After dinner, Papa said he had an announcement. He told us he had been promoted at work and that meant more money! We were beside ourselves with joy.
After being dismissed to bed, I laid in bed, thinking of all the nice things Papa’s promotion came with. “Baawa,” Jojo called, “did Christmas come early this year?” “Yes” I replied. “Good night, Jojo.”  “Good night Baawa.”
I turned over in my bed, glad to have a story to tell my friends in school tomorrow.

(c) Takyiwa 2016